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"International Spanish pianist, music instructor, composer and arranger, Alicia is an eclectic pianist who plays classical music, tango and other musical genres. Her music fuses Argentinian tango, classical-contemporary music with colorful pop and jazz harmonies". 


Curiosity about musical genres and about different cultures gives her impulse to continue her studies and career abroad. She has played in countries such as Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and the United States, that has given her an extended spectrum of the artistic panorama.


Awarded in 2022 with a US Fulbright Scholarship to expand her artistic studies and career in Los Angeles, California, where she studied the Independent Artist Program, mainly focusing in Music Industry and Music Production. 


She has played with success in concerts, festivals and various artistic projects through the last years twenty years. Also, she has been the leader and organizer of her projects in The Netherlands and Spain.

In March 2022, Alicia and another three musicians won the Gratchenfestival Pitch in Amsterdam, and just a few weeks afterwards, they win the “Audience prize” of the Café theater Festival by theater Walhalla in Rotterdam. With this prize, the quartet is touring around the Netherlands with the performance “Her soliloquy: a tango opera by the women of today”, leaded by the actress and singer Isabel Pronk. The performance had high level reviews from music critics and the audience in Dutch cities such as Rotterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem and Amsterdam. 


In May 2021, Alicia recorded at Marmelade Studios (Delft, Netherlands) five piano solo tango pieces by various artists: Gustavo Beytelmann, Carlos García, Hernán Possetti, Nicolás Ledesma and her own arrangement of a traditional Galician song, fusing tango and jazz elements with classical music:

In 2011, Alicia participates in the music competition David Russell in four hands duo with the Spanish pianist Irene Comesaña. Part of the performance got well known in YouTube with, nowadays, around 70.000 visualizations:

Apart from her passion about music, Alicia loves teaching and pedagogy, and that is another important part of her career: she wants to share her knowledge about music, piano and artist development.


In Rotterdam, she worked for five years as a music and piano teacher in schools, pianist in eurhythmy lessons at the high school "Rudolf Steiner College" in Rotterdam, and when she has free time, she does volunteering work in organizations such as Aldeas Infantiles SOS, Laretea Vigo and Asdegal in Galicia, doing music workshops for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, children growing up in social exclusion environments, among others. 


Alicia set up to pursue her dreams as a young pianist from Vigo, her hometown in Spain, moving to the Netherlands in her early career as she had the aim to develop her pianist mastery and her creative career.

Playing since the age of six, Alicia developed her own style through the years. After fifteen years focusing in classical music at concerts and festivals, in 2019 Alicia starts being interested in tango as a solo player, with ensembles and the tango Orquesta Típica OTRA Rotterdam. Composing her own music and improvising leads her to develop her own style considered a hybrid fusion in between genres.

Alicia was awarded at the age of nine for two consecutive years in the piano exams by the Royal School of Music of London and in 2015 with a cum laude in the CMUS Vigo Music Conservatory when finishing her professional degree. 

At the age of nineteen she moved to Rotterdam (The Netherlands), to continue her Bachelor and Master studies. Studying a Bachelor's in classical music, Master's in tango music and doing in her Master's degree studies a two years research about the fusion between the traditional music from Galicia, her region, and different tango music styles

She studied with the pianists: Beatriz Betancourt and Víctor Rodríguez (Cuba), Alina Pociute (Lithuania), Bart van de Roer and Wim Warman (The Netherlands),  Polina Leschenko (Russia), Dra. Bárbara Varassi and Gustavo Beytelmann (Argentina). 

She has played in festivals and masterclasses by different acclaimed pianists around Europe: Rasa Biveiniene, Nino Gvetazde, Stéphan de May, Albert Mamriev, Gordan Nicolic, Cecilio Tieles, Lucas Delgado. 

She is always looking to grow and explore her craft and challege herself in new environments.

Nowadays, she is living in Spain, developing her own musical voice and continuing her musical career. 

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