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Learn music and develop your artistic career with me

· Learning music?

Music teaches values, respect, sensitivity, discipline, habit of study and creativity.
It stimulates the brain of the youngest and adults, improves cognitive development, concentration and relaxation.
Learning music means acquiring greater self-confidence, knowing yourself, facing your own artistic challenges. 

Levels: beginner, amateur, intermediate, professional. 

· How are my lessons?

Personalized classes according to their interest and what they want to learn.

Online and presencial using different teaching resources and creative teaching material. 
       Varied methodology according to the level and curiosities of each student.


· What can you learn with me?

Classical music, modern/contemporary music, pop, tango music, free improvisation,

composing and arranging.

Harmony, analysis.

Logic, Sibelius.
Artistic development for success in the music industry

Also, improve your piano technique, healthy position and movements, fast fingers and efficient study.

Preparation for the entrance exams to the conservatory, auditions and support classes.

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