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Alicia Cerrada

Concert Pianist

Music Instructor

Composer and Arranger

"Music has no limits"

EP: "Retangos"

"International Spanish pianist, music instructor, composer and arranger, Alicia is an eclectic pianist who plays classical music, tango and other musical genres.

Her compositions fuse Argentinian tango, classical-contemporary music with colorful pop and jazz harmonies". 

Curiosity about musical genres and about different cultures gives her impulse to continue her studies and career abroad. She has played in countries such as Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and the United States, that has given her an extended spectrum of the artistic panorama.
Awarded in 2022 with a US Fulbright Scholarship to expand her artistic studies and career in Los Angeles, California, where she studied an intensive program of Music Industry and Music Production. 
She has played with success in concerts, festivals and various artistic projects over the last twenty years. She has been the leader and organizer of projects in
The Netherlands and Spain and she produces and composes her own music.

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